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Time to send in the Gorilla

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Gorillagrams is the perfect birthday gift for any occasion, Serving
Wellington, Kapiti, Wairarapa, Palmerston North

For the perfect funniest gift send a GORILLAGRAM with a personalized message in a poem

Are looking for an original birthday gift idea or present for someone in the Wellington area, or the perfect office prank? or you just want to cheer someone's day up
Well you have found it, Gorillagrams singing telegrams in the Wellington area is a great birthday gift for him or a birthday gift for her, or could be a fun gorilla surprise at a child’s birthday party
Time to send in the Gorilla a big friendly hairy bongo beating banana munching singing at the top of his voice gorilla to break out at your next event,
He will be grunting and singing out a “personalized original” and hilarious scripted poem, written and especially  for the victim telling of their life’s story in a very funny and occasionally ever so slightly embarrassing way, so everyone at the event can join in laugh together for some clean and wholesome fun
Gorillagrams are a wonderful birthday gift idea or a great original present to send anyone on any occasion to liven up any special event, day or night use your imagination to whom you can send one too? Everyone will be talking about it for months later

SO BOOK IN ADVANCE for a date and a time and avoid disappointment on that very special birthday or event you have planned and we monkey’s will get to work and write that very funny and personalized poem and see you and your friends and  liven up the party

Singing Telegrams, Gorillagrams,
Wellington Region


Howard Wilkinson

"Absolutley amazing and so funny "

The Gorilla turned up with banana's and Bongos yelling in his Tarzan voice and grunting and singing the funniest poem we laughed and could not stop laughing, I highly recommend having a Gorillagram for any occasion

Jojo Bagley

Shock horror for our friend Ha Ha 

Gorillagrams Photo Album

"We booked a gorilla gram for our son’s 13th birthday and absolutely loved it! Very professionally done from start to finish!! Extremely Funny much better than I had expected
The kids said it was the best party they had been to and raved about it to their parents
The Gorilla had a few extra goodies for the kids which was much appreciated and the great memories which came from this are priceless! My son loved the surprise thank you gorilla grams
Highly recommend!

"We booked a gorillagram for our friends Birthday and surprised her at a place she would not have dreamed possible and for a gorilla to turn up to surprise her with a singing birthday gorillagram present, Classic"


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Call 027 322 1050